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For the 15:th year in a row, the MK Eskil of Eskilstuna arranged the Jens Memorial race between Dec 3 and 5, in memory of it´s former racer Jens Norrman. For this year, the club have worked very hard and invested in a new wooden floor with a new carpet. The result was a first class super flat track.

Normally, the Jens Memorial is a 1/12 race, but for this year, the Touring race have changed name, as it was earlier known as "Procar Open".

The lay-out was a pretty opend with a width of 3 meters as touring cars need some extra space to allow overtaking. As this race is to become a EFRA GP next year, most of the best drivers in Sweden and Finland atteded.

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The only ones missing was Andreas Myrberg and Teemu Leino. But the starting field was pretty good with Worlds A finalist Juho Levänen as the main target to beat for everyone. Andreas decided to help Joel as he choosed to race booth touring and for the 3:rd time ever, drove a 1/12 car. All in all, there where around 150 drivers, making this race the biggest of the year. The only allowed tire was Sorex 28R, and it worked just great.

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During practice, the brand new carpet was pretty slippery, but as Joel was flying with his standard T1FK, there was no need for adjusting the set-up, but rather "waiting for the traction" before any changes was to be made. He tested some different bodies just to fine-tune, and choosed the Protoform Mazda 6 as this gave him the best balance and steering at the same time. Alexander Hagberg, with his T1FK stuggeled a bit with oversteer, or a loose rear.

The format was round by round, counting 3 out of 5 rounds, and Joel started with an impressive string of winning the first 4 rounds. Alexander did not realy like Joel´s set-up, and changed back to his own "good ól carpet set-up". This resulted in some steady runs and gave him a place in the A main. It´s very nice to see how only 15 years old Alexander making good progress for every race, and I would be suppriced if we don´t have a future star here. In the last round Joel tried to made som drastic changes just to see how it worked. But as the car got more understeer, he hit a curb and ended up 3:rd on this round.

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The first A started with Joel taking the start and pulled away with Jonas on his tail. After a couple of laps Joel touched a cone, and Jonas passed him. Joel was quickly back on his bumper and it was obious that his FK was the best handling car. Even thoe the strait wasn´t too long, his Fantom 12 X 2 motor and SMC GP 3300 batteries showed to be superfast as well.

After some pressure, Jonas then did a mistake and Joel passed again, never to look back. On the other hand, Jonas seemed to get in more troubble as he was falling down the field only to end up in 5:th position.

Instead, it was Sakke who started to climb up and came home in 2:nd. Alexander was unlucky with traffic and came home in 6:th. As a supprice for all who watched, Juho struggeled big time with his TC4. It looked very difficult to drive and he have all sorts of problem and could only manage 9:th position.

At the start of the 2:nd A, Viktor was little to hot on the throttle and realy wanted to charge as he did a jump start in the first one, with Stop & Go and a disapointing 10:th position as a result. He vent wide in the first corner and took Jonas out. This resulted in these two coming out of the first corner last. Jonas seemed to have broken his car and pulled off as Viktor charged his way up to fourth.. Up in the front, Joel took off and got a healthy gap to the rest. He could therefore back off a bit to secure the awerall win. This could end up as a disaster as the Ahoniemi brother with Sakke first got closer and closer for every lap. It was not easy to change rhythm again, so he got a bit worried in the end. But catching up is one thing, passing is another, he could hold on to take the win and the averall victory. Sakke again came 2:nd, and supprice me by consistent being faster than Simo.

As the win was secured, Joel did not run the last final trying to concentrate on 1/12, as he was TQ there as well.

The last final was pretty funny to watch as Jonas tried spool from his front position on the grid. He took the start and Viktor placed his car right behind him. They where like glued, and as it was obious that using the spool slowed Jonas down, it was soon a train of cars behind him trying to overtake. Simo did a move on Viktor, and soon on Jonas, and this starting to split everything up as Viktor was able to overtake Jonas as well.

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Alexander did a great job and was very much involved with Sakke in the top fight, only to loos some time as he was still hold up by Jonas. It was not long before Viktor, on a mission, was overtaking Simo and could easy pull away for a quite a big lead and win. In the end, Simo finaly beat his brother for 2:nd with Alexander end up his race with a fine 4:th position, giving him an averall 5:th position.

Final Results of the 1/10 touring cars Jens Memorial race: click to enlarge
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1. Myrberg Joel Xray
2. Ahoniemi Sakke Corally
3. Wilck Victor Asso
4. Ahoniemi Simo Corally
5. Hagberg Alexander Xray
6. Andersson Christer Asso
7. Vässmar Magnus
8. Levänen Juho Asso
9. Andersson Jonas Schumacher
10. Termonen Jouko Asso

Setup of Joel Myrberg is available for download here at www.teamxray.com