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This past weekend, RC Tracks of Las Vegas hosted the 2015 Silver State. RC America XRAY drivers Josh Wheeler, Tyler Vik, Taylor Peterson, Kurt Kellum, Cade Whitenton, and many others attended one of the largest 1/8 off-road races of the season. This fantastic facility will be the host of the 2016 IFMAR World Championships, so the event served as great preparation for next year's race as well.

Privateer racer Aaron Breuer, attending Silver State with his dad and fellow privateer Steve (finished 9th in Sportsman Buggy), turned in a fantastic race in the Intermediate Buggy A Main with his XRAY XB8. Qualifying 5th, Aaron moved to the front of the pack in the early laps, and lead through the end finishing a lap up on the field. Congratulations to Aaron for a great result!

Aaron had this to say about his weekend:

“I arrived at the track Wednesday morning with Kurt Kellum and Jordan Born. We setup the tents and pit tables, then got adjusted to Las Vegas. The RC Tracks of Las Vegas is one of my favorite facilities that I've ever visited, and with world champions everywhere I looked, it was a dream race. I never thought I'd be racing with all my friends overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

In the practice sessions on Thursday, my car felt like I was going to be able to drive at a decent speed. I felt like my suspension needed some work but I was hesitant to make any changes because I knew the track was going to change overtime. I had no idea how rough the track was going to be by the time my main was up. My first two qualifiers put me in the main, and I was chasing setup all the way until the third round, where I definitely had my worst run. I had taken a lot of droop out of the rear, and with a rutted out track, that was a bad choice. After softening my shock setup, setting -13 rear droop/-2 front droop, going from a short to long rear turnbuckle, and from 6 degree to 10 degree front kingpin plates, my car was ready for the main. In the main, I really just stayed smooth and didn’t push in the rough areas of the track and it worked out for the win.

There are a lot of changes I wish I could go back and make but that's what happens when you don't race for nine months and just show up at Silver State or any big race. I would love to race all the time but nitro racing is expensive with little support. I really only race if my Dad or Jordan Born of Team SR wants to have my support for a big race. My XB8 was a lot of fun to drive and I'm very excited for the next time I get to race my XRAY!”

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Final results – Intermediate class:
1. Aaron Breuer - XRAY XB8
2. Ryan Johnson
3. Noah Dickerson
4. Tim Willson
5. Clayton Saxton