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With an excellent weekend of racing behind us, it’s time to look at the results for the second leg of the WCICS (Western Canada Indoor Championship Series) race held in Edmonton Alberta the weekend of November 26th to 28th.

Racers traveled from all over Western Canada to take on defending Touring Car Mod champ, Canada R/C Team driver Wayne Mah. An excellent facility and a well run race set the stage for exciting carpet racing on the high-bite track. With a combination of a high-speed sweeper and some technical sections the track produced some excellent passing opportunities as well areas that required patience.

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With an impressive five cars in the A main, XRAY was poised to dominate the mod class. Wayne Mah captured top qualifier honors with a truly amazing 30-lap run. Wayne was also one of only two drivers to break a 10-second lap time.

“My car ran flawlessly all weekend. I was really excited heading into the main,” noted Mah.

All the drivers got off to a clean start with the exception of Keith Yu and John Hughes who got tangled up and were 8 and 5 seconds behind in 7th and 6th place respectively. Once the field settled down the spectators anticipated watching the battle between the contenders.

After a few laps the top 5 cars started to tighten things up with consistent lap times. The running order remained much the same until the 14th lap. While negotiating a sneaky 180 in front of the driver’s stand Mah stuffed it and lost some valuable time. When the cars crossed the loop Wayne was in second place with the XRAY of Wen-ping Chiang in first. Other shuffling of spots also put the XRAY’s in 4 of the top 5 positions.

Mah needed to play catch up. With some blistering laps, including a 10 flat he pushed his XRAY/SMC/JACO/FANTOM combo to close the gap and was finally able to make a pass heading into the sweeper at the end of the straightaway with less than a minute to go. On lap 25 the order had changed to XRAY 1 through 4. The move from 7th to 3rd for Yu was pure magic and was highlighted by a 9.99 second lap (XRAY/SMC)

On the last lap the fourth place finisher Craig Miller (XRAY/SMC/FANTOM/JACO) missed hitting the timing loop by a heartbreaking 35/100 of a second. Believing he was still on his last lap he raced hard and passed Yu but to no avail.

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With proven technology providing excellent tunability, the XRAY T1 dominated the touring mod class going first thru fourth as well as picking up sixth.

"I would like to thank Canada R/C for providing me the best possible car and equipment to defend my title."
Wayne Mah.

Finishing results A-main Modified Touring

1. Wayne Mah TQ Xray
2. Wen-ping Chiang Xray
3. Keith Yu Xray
4. Craig Miller Xray

5. Dave Palmer TC4
6. John Hughes Xray
7. Stuart Leckie TC3
8. Ian Delasalle Xray