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XRAY has started the 2005 racing season in a typical XRAY style. The XRAY USA team sponsored by RC America, participated at the annual Novak Race. Mike Dumas and Brian Jucha, who have recently joined the team, were first time running the XRAY and already achieved a great result. Without any previous experience and without testing and working out the set-up the new drivers proved the high performance of the XRAY cars out of the box by getting to the A final and to the podium.

Ralph Burch, the US team manager, managed not only to set the TQ to secure him the first starting position the final, but Ralph won the overal race as well.

Modified category final results:

1. Ralph Burch - TQ - XRAY
2. Mike Dumas - XRAY

3. Brian Kinwald
4. Brian Jucha - XRAY
5. Paul Lemieux
6. Chris Tosolini
7. Matt Francis
8. Barry Baker
9. Billy Easton
10. Todd Hodge

19 Turn category final results:

1. Brian Kinwald
2. Mike Dumas - XRAY
3. Chris Tosolini
4. Barry Baker
5. Paul Lemieux
6. Bobby Flack
7. Brian Jucha - XRAY
8. Ralph Burch - XRAY

9. Mike Blackstock
10. Walter Henderson

Congratulation to the XRAY team drivers for the great result and an excellent beginning of the 2005 racing season. Watch out for more XRAY results during the 2005 racing season.

Race report and winning set-up sheet will be posted soon.