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Brent Thomas with his XB8 on the podium at the Western Australi Challenge cup. XRAY XB8 performed flawlessly.

In the buggy A main Brent and Craig had a huge battle in the early stages and our tight and technical Kalgoorlie track even caught Laughton out several times as he and Brent continued to swap for the lead.

After 20 mins or so Laughton had got it worked out and does what he does best, lapping the field by the end. It was left to the only battle on the track between Kyle Francis and Brent Thomas who would swap 2nd place between each other a number of times towards the end of the race. But in the end it was Kyle that got the job done to get 2nd Brent 3rd

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Final results:
1. Laughton
2. Kyle Francis
3. Brent Thomas – XRAY XB8