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The 2nd round of French nationals was held at Pierrefeu-du-Var in south of France. Jerome Aigoin TQ the first 2 rounds of qualifying to take the overall TQ in front of his brother Yannick who TQ'd round 3 with his freshly built XRAY XB8.

In the first semi, Lorenzo Crolla (XRAY) got 3rd and bump up in the A-main. Yannick won the second semi with the fastest time so will start #1 for the main.

For the 45' main, Yannick lead the final from start to finish and win the race for his debut with the XB8.

Lorenzo Crolla finished at a strong 5th place with his FX powered XRAY XB8.

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Final results:
1. Yannick Aigoin – XRAY XB8
2. Reno Savoya
3. Jerome Sartel
4. Julien Lattenzio
5. Lorenzo Crolla – XRAY XB8
6. Tom Robin
7. Cyrille Baldini
8. Carl Maignien
9. Rayan Medjoubi
10. Jean-Pierrick Sartel
11. Jerome Delcourt
12. Nicolas Rodriguez

Yannick Aigoin Set-up sheet.

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Check out Circus RC Under the hood in French language:
XRAY XB8 de Yannick Aigoin

XRAY XB8 de Lorenzo Crolla