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XRAY is proud to announce that another from the top American R/C racers Mike Dumas has joined Team XRAY to support the team and represent at all races. Mike is a long-time top RC racer, and has won US Tripple Crown Sedan Modified 2001, 2002, 2003 and also Cleveland 2002 sedan modified.
Mike will not only race the XRAY touring cars but he will be also full time working for RC America to strenghten the support and R&D for the XRAY products in the North America. XRAY and RC America will continue to continously improve the US customers support by dedicated customer service but also technical and product support provided by the best team drivers.

Here is what Mike said about his joining Team XRAY and working for RC

"I have chosen XRAY for the quality and support that all drivers want. This is the best car I have ever built. The precision and quality control exceeds all other cars in the past. XRAY is a company that is continuously working with new ideas into the future. I am excited to be working for RC America and are looking forward to racing and helping this company grow."

XRAY is very happy to welcome Mike to the team, as Mike is great not only in racing but also in teamwork, public relations, track promotions, and product development.