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Race report by Martin Wollanka
After 1 race last year and the neo race this was only the 3rd time I raced 1/8 electric I must admit I began to like this class.

In the first practice run my car worked all good but to make it faster I had to change the front shock setting from 550oil to 450 oil and the diff setting from 4-6-2 to 6-8-3,5 which was a little bit difficult because we had only a short time between the runs so I planned to make it in the afternoon.

All practice and qualifying runs were a very close with Hupo Hönigl, he won 2 runs and 1 went to me. On Sunday morning when I came to the track it was all a little bit wet and slippery but still ok for the race. Due to these conditions I had to go back to my previous set-up. As the race went on, the grip was slowly building up which was good for me and I made the fastest lap time in the ? final and got the TQ for a-main.

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A1 At the beginning of A1 Hupo made a mistake and I took the lead but with the loose sensor cable in the middle of the race my hopes for the A1 win were gone.

A2 I made a mistake and Hupo came to the lead. I pushed really hard to close the gap and aftter a few laps I was at Hupo’s tail looking for a chance to overtake him. After hard battle all the way down to the finish line Hupo defeated the first place in the A2 which gave him the overall win in this race and I had to secure the second place in A3.

Thanks on my sponsors: XRAY, HUDY, LPR, FX ,Proline; Hoeco, Expert Servos, VRC Pro and Actionline

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Top 3
1. Hupo Hönigl
2. Martin Wollanka – XRAY XB8E
3. Heiss Klemens

Set-up sheet:
Martin Wollanka XB8E