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The first round of the Lipo Championship was held on May 16th at the Liporacer track in Klagenfurt / Austria. Arno Webernig showed a great performance with his XB8E making the fastest qualifying, new track record and winning the main finals. All XB8E drivers, from Slovenia, Salzburg, Styria and Carinthia, made it to the top ten.

Final results 1:8 Buggy Elektro.

1. Arno Webernig - XB8E 2015
2. Saso Kramljak
3. Gerhard Gritsch
4. Oliver Wauch - XB8E 2015
5. Werner Torker - XB8E 2015

6. Christian Steiner
7. Ben Joeres
8. Sebastijan Verbancic
9. Gerhard fercher
10. Loder Peter - XB8E 2015