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Race repor by Pierre Delorme
Last weekend took place the 3rd round of French Nats in Monteux. I ran Stock 10.5 Blinky class where a lot of drivers were fighting for the win. The track was still fast but also technical, it required a car with high corner speed and also a powerful motor during 5 minutes. I've found the perfect setup with my XRAY T4'15 and TRINITY motors and batteries.

I toped seed with one second gap on the three fastest consecutive laps, my car and motor were just perfect!

Qualifications followed as perfect as controlled practices where I won 4 round out of five with five seconds gap each time. The car was just amazing, fast during the whole five minutes!

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Qualifications Stock 10.5 TC:
1. Pierre Delorme - XRAY - T4
2. Julien Nicol - XRAY T4

3. Arnaud Soulignac
4. Jean Delorme - XRAY T4
5. Jeremy Delalondre
6. Yohann Bukowski
7. Alexandre Kunkler - XRAY T4
8. Fabien Valentin
9. Steeve Favrelle
10. Julien Jost

I preserved one set of new tires for the finals to keep an advantage for the first laps of the first final and I changed my bodyshell to have a bit more steering. I won the two first finals setting the fastest lap of weekend, unfortunately my brother finished only one final because of one crash and a broken belt in the first and third finals.

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Final ranking Stock 10.5 TC
1. Pierre Delorme - XRAY T4
2. Jeremy Delalondre
3. Fabien Valentin
4. Arnaud Soulignac
5. Yohann Bukowski
6. Julien Nicol - XRAY T4
7. Steeve Favrelle
8. Alexandre Kunkler - XRAY T4
9. Jean Delorme - XRAY T4

10. Julien Jost

In modified Jeremy Limoges set a third place in modified with his XRAY T4'15 in qualifications and he climbed on the second step of the podium after good battles in finals!

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Final ranking Modified:
1. Loic Jasmin
2. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY T4
3. Maxime Favrelle
4. Lucas Urbain
5. Cyril N'Diaye
6. Valentin Lehmann
7. Hugo Ragaut
8. Walter Pollet-Villard
9. Jean-Michel Varinard - XRAY T4
10. Sebastien Fender

In F1 Georges Saux and Jeremy Limoges ranked 2nd and 5th after qualifications and they both made a podium finishing 2nd and 3rd with their XRAY X1.

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Final Ranking F1:
1. Cyril N'Diaye
2. Georges Saux - XRAY X1
3. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY X1
4. Sebastien Felix - XRAY X1
5. Nicolas Cardoso - XRAY X1

6. Gregory Esteve
7. Denis Vincente
8. Frederic Daumas - XRAY X1
9. Ghislain Mantrand
10. Olivier Jourdan

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