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DHI Cup track
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The 2005 DHI Cup does not only start the new racing season, but this European indoor race is becoming more and more popular each year. This year was no different as plenty of top drivers from around the world attended this race. Team XRAY of course could not miss and the European Factory Team was there to run a brand new prototype for the first time.

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Pit area
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For the past several months, the XRAY R&D Team has been working on radical upgrades and changes on the current T1 car to keep up with worldwide development and as always to increase the car’s performance. As is well known, Team XRAY was running with many new parts at the Worlds in Florida, but since then several completely new and different concepts have been developed and been under testing.

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happy Juraj
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If XRAY will approve, we may release a story about the development of the different prototypes, but since several radical changes and platforms were tested with different very interesting results, these findings may be kept secret until XRAY more deeply analyzes all the different concepts and finds out the best and optimal concept.

After several radical changes and different prototypes tested over last months, XRAY R&D gurus and main designers Juraj & Martin Hudy decided to prepare for the Team the latest version of the development, the car with code name “T1FK’05.”

It is always a risk to come with a different concept of car with no previous experience and without any set-up at such as important race as DHI, and nobody expected for any miracles.

We bring you a race report from the DHI Cup and the first testing of new XRAY’s prototype:

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Jilles Groskamp - Xray Netherlands
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XRAY team drivers: Jilles Groskamp, Andreas Myrberg, Joel Myrberg, Martin Hudy, Vesa Ily, Soeren Boy Holst, Michal Bok, Tony Vredenberg, and Juraj Hudy.

Other top drivers: Atsushi Hara, Andrew Moore, David Spashett, Juho Levanen, current Touring Car World Champion Marc Rheinard, Teemu Leino, Steen Graversen, Jonas Andersson, European Touring Car Champion Jonas Kaerup, Off-Road World Champion Matt Francis, Todd Hodge, Craig Drescher.

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Michal Bok - Xray Czech
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There were only two free practice rounds. It was very important to find the set-up in the two practice rounds, since there is no space for further set-up tunings during the heats. With the brand new car and no experience, the team had an extremely difficult task which was becoming more difficult, since the carpet used was not glued perfectly, and the track conditions were not so good.

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Martin Hudy - Xray Slovakia
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The first heats started in the morning with 6 qualifying rounds on the schedule. The race format was set up for the 4 best qualifying heats to count. During the first heats the carpet unglued and started to move, which did not allow drivers to run properly. The organizer decided to cancel this heat and count the 3 best qualifying results from 5 rounds.

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Myrbergs - Xray Sweden
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In the first run Andreas Myrberg was doing very well, and he set the second best qualifying time, closely behind Marc Rheinard. This was an excellent start for Team XRAY and a good indication of the new car’s performance. The track layout was superfast and many drivers were making plenty of mistakes (more than usual) due to the high speeds. To find the set-up just in two practice rounds was simply not sufficient time.

After the first round, Jilles found an excellent set-up that put him in all the remaining heats at the top of the field, but bad luck prevented him from qualifying for the A final. In the second qualifying heat, Jilles achieved the 4th best result time and had excellent background for the A final. In the third round, Jilles had a few small mistakes so he he had to run clean in the remaining two heats. In the fourth heat when he was on the 3rd qualifying position, Jilles was suddenly stopped by a stripped gear which happened due to an improperly tightened motor. In the last qualifying heat, Jilles finished 5th.

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Unfortunately, with his three best counting results, Jilles was qualified in the B final only. Andreas Myrberg was the only Team XRAY driver who managed to qualify in the A final, a very promising result for the first time with a new car. The other Team XRAY drivers ended up in C final.

Marc Rheinard and Atsushi Hara were the two men to fight for the TQ and at the end it was Atsushi who won almost all qualifying heats.

Qualifying Results:
1. Atsushi Hara /Japan
2. Marc Rheinard /Germany
3. Steen Graversen /Denmark
4. Andrew Moore /Great Britain
5. Teemu Leino /Finland
6. Marc Fischer /Germany
7. Andreas Myrberg /Sweden – XRAY
8. Sakke Ahoniemi /Finland
9. Viktor Wilck /Sweden
10. Jonas Kaerup /Denmark

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Andreas at the final startline
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Andreas had bad luck right after the start when he ended in the first corner at the other side of the track. The dropout was already large and he could not recover. The first final was won by Atsushi in front of Marc.

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Nice paint job from Anders
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Jilles managed to work his way up from 4th starting position to the front of the crowd and win with style in front of Tony Rheinard.

At the end it was Atsushi Hara with wins 1,2,1 who won in front of Marc Rheinard 2,1,4.
In the B final Jilles won two of the three final runs, taking the overall B final win. In the last final round the lap times and final result times were good enough for the third position in the A main final, giving Team XRAY great confidence in the potential of their new car – excellent performance!

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Martin Lisau - XRAY
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Not having any luck in the modified categroy, Team XRAY took it out in the stock category. Local driver Martin Lisau with his XRAY car outperformed everybody else and showcased excellent racing skills and the racing pedigree of his car. Martin won 4 out of 5 qualifying rounds and won all 3 finals. Martin dominated in a big way and in the last final, when already after the first minute he was leading more than quarter of a lap, he stopped and let the second car pass him and within two laps Martin again passed him and dominated the whole crowd. Nice run Martin!

Not winning the modified category did not make Team XRAY sad, since besides getting the first feedback and track experience with the new car (which at the end was way over the best expectations), the XRAY was successful all around. Not only did Team XRAY dominate the stock category, but also the XRAY cars were one of the most popular from the all the different car manufacturers. In total, XRAY cars represented around 1/4 of the entire range of cars present at the event, counted based on the entry list. This is an excellent achievement considering XRAY is the youngest car manufacturer and in such a short time has earned not only countless awards but mainly the most valuated trust and confidence from the majority of touring car racers. Thank you to all XRAY customers for the trust you have given. XRAY will work continously on further developments and improvements, and guarantees you will always drive not only the best quality car, but also the car that will give you the highest performance thus giving you the tool to win your races.