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This weekend the fourth round of the Western German Championships was held in Dortmund. The MC-Dortmund club organised this race at a local school gym which was really good. The track was quiet small with good traction. This race is fourth race out of six to qualify for the German Nats in April this year.year.

After the DHI-cup this was my second race with the new prototype. With a bit of experience from that race I felt confident to do well. I started with the set-up from the DHI race which worked pretty well. I changed body from a Stratus2 to a Mazda which gave a bit more turn in.

I still needed a bit more overall traction which I created with a bit softer oil. This helped a lot and gave me the pace. In the fast corners the car was extremely good with lots of corner speed.

After qualifying I took TQ with XRAY's Joel Voss in second. In all finals Joel and I had a good battle for first position the first two minutes. Then Joel got stuck in traffic which gave me the cap to pull away and win the race.

Final thoughts:
The prototype got a lot of potential and is extremely smooth. With the weight more to the centre of the car it is very good balance accelerating out of the corner. We still need to find THE set-up but with a car that's only a few weeks old, we are doing very well.

Team XRAY will continue testing the new car and is confident to bring you the best. I will bring more race reports and feedback, so stay tuned.

Jilles Groskamp