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This week was the 4th round of the RCmag Brushless Tour hosted in Longvic, near Dijon.

Friday was the free practice, time for me to learn the track, the basic setup was good and I changed nothing during the free practice, just tested different tires and compounds.

Saturday the qualifying, the track started to be bumpy and have more and more grip, the car was easy but not fast and some stupid mistakes cost me 2 times the 2nd place, so after the 3 qualifications I was 4th on the starting grid for the a-main.

For the final I changed the diff oil; put harder springs in the front and softer in the rear because of the high grip and bumps, and give more antisquat in the front and rear arms.

This changes were a good choice, I was able to fight for the win in A1 and finished 2nd at 5 seconds of Jérome Aigoin; in A2 I tried a new set of tires, making the car easy to drive but with less traction I finished 3rd, A3 back with the Diamon Back and I won after a great fight in the last lap with Jérôme Aigoin, A4 I was battling with Jérome, Aigoin and Sartel, finishing 2nd and 2nd overall.

Very happy about the performance of the XB8E, and my RcConcept 8000mha battery, first time in this type of conditions! Great week with my Belgium friends and all other, next race French Nitro Nats !

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Final results:
1. Jerome Aigoin
2. Lorenzo Crolla – XRAY XB8E
3. Kevin Michaudet
4. Jerome Sartel
5. Thomas Musso

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