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Race report by Stefan Lutka
On Saturday, June 6,2015 I took part in race RC Hobbyracing Cup in Czech republic. Thanks to a very nice weather and my well-functioning XB8E I managed to win the qualification with quite a sovereign lead ahead of the domestic racers.

There were 3 eight minute final runs. I won the first one by 14 seconds. In the second round my tire tore up and other racers took a benefit from it and got in front of me. I finally ended up on the sixth position. In the last final round I got a couple of bumps from behind right at the beginning of the race and I dropped down to the last position. Jarda Valder, perfect racer driving XRAY as well, he grasped the opportunity and got ahead of me. Thanks to driving fast for the rest of the race I managed to end up on the third position. Overall I ended up on the second position right behind Jarda Valder who managed to win the whole competition. I am very satisfied with the race because XRAY XB8E succeeded by taking the first two places on podium. We thank a lot to the XRAY team and RC SVET store.

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TOP 10:
1. Jarda Valder - XRAY XB8E
2. Štefan Lutka - XRAY XB8E

3. Lukáš Bulka
4. Tony Hilber
5. Radim Šiška
6. Martin Beniček - XRAY XB8E
7. Pavel Ryšavý
8. Robert Plch
9. Swiech - XRAY XB8E
10. Vančura