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The first Race of the 2005 Florida State On-Road Electric Series (FSEARA) was held Januray 22 and 23rd at Speedline Hobbies in Largo, Florida the host track for the 2005 ROAR On-Road Nationals. The smooth asphalt track was in top shape as over 120 of Florida’s best drivers competed for the top spots.

In the First round of Stock Sedan Qualifying, Michael Abraira’s EA Motorsports powered Xray T1FK set the early pace with a TQ run of 21 5:05. The track temperature was pretty cool. The track conditions started to get better as the day progressed and the spec CS-27 tires seemed to work flawlessly in the 50 degree weather. In round 2 Abraira was able to put in a blazing fast qualifier that secured the TQ spot for the weekend running a 22 5:07.One of only two 22 lap runs both by Abraira. The 2nd place qualifier was almost 7 seconds behind!

In the 19 turn Modified class Abraira took the 2nd round and overall TQ with a 23 5:08. It was short lived however, as TQ was reset to 23 5:07 leaving Abraira in the 2nd position for the main.

Fellow Xray driver Jared Scott battled through traffic problems and changing track conditions to qualify 2nd in the Modified class. Jared’s car was incredibly smooth, fast and consistent.

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Michael Abrairas car
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In the Stock main, changing track conditions proved to be a factor as Abraira’s car got loose and looked hard to drive as he fell back to third before reclaiming the 2nd spot at the 2 minute mark and that’s the way the race would end.

The 19 turn main was a virtual replay of the stock main as Abraira’s car continued to have traction problems. After falling back early Abraira crossed the line in 5th.

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Jared Scotts car
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In Modified, Jared Scott was going at it with Schumacher’s Paul Wynn as they began to pull away from the rest of the field. Jared was putting pressure on Paul and at about the 3 minute mark while going through traffic, Wynn caught a pipe and Scott screamed by to take the lead. Jared’s Xray looked impressive as he never looked back and took the win in the Modified class.

19 Turn Modified final results:
1. Tony Padilla
2. Steve McNichols
3. Greg Hunsinger Jr.
4. David Croy
5. Michael Abraira Xray
6. Eddie Shaffer
7. Bobby Phillips Xray
8. Rolly Cusine
9. Ben Griffin
10.Joel Bandera

Stock touring final results:
1. Ben Griffin
2. Michael Abraira (TQ) Xray
3. Sean Eady
4. Joe Buttacavoli
5. Jeff Flassig
6. Spencer Sinsabaugh
7. Juan Carlos Mercado Xray
8. Tim Kowal Xray
9. Bobby Phillips Xray

10.Rolly Cusine

Mod Touring final results:
1. Jared Scott Xray
2. Art Jenson
3. David Croy
4. Mike Bruce
5. Greg hunsinger Jr
6. JR Mitch
7. Paul Wynn
8. Mike Dobbs
9. Troy Schaffer
10.Steve McNichols

With the strong showing by Team Xray, it appears that they may have a head start on the chase for another national championship!