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Race report by Mattia Pesenti
On Friday the practice started at 2 o'clock. During the whole afternoon we tried different settings and at the end we find the right setup for the new RX8 prototype. We were really happy because I could be as fast as Silvio Hächler on his home track.

During the night it rain, so nobody could practice on Saturday morning but fortunately for the first qualifying round the track was dry. Kurzbuch had a battery issue and had to stop and the fight was between me and Hächler, but he had to stop in the pit, so I won the first round. Just before the 2nd round the rain came again, and so nobody started. We waited until the track dried out, but everytime the track was dry, the rain came again. At the end we decided to do a 2nd round on Sunday morning and it counted the best of two (with point system). On Sunday morning it was raining and I decided to run this round in order to try my "rain car", and I won it in front of Kurzbuch.

The 1/10th could run 2 round on a dry track, so it counted the best one. The local young talent Severin Schlehan did a great job taking the TQ. The two fast XRAY drivers, Raphael Wicki and Traugott Schär took the 2nd and 3rd position.

Top 3 Quali 1/8th:
1. Pesenti Mattia - XRAY RX8

2. Hächler Silvio
3. Kurzbuch Simon

Top 3 Quali 1/10th:
1. Schlehan Severin
2. Wicki Raphael - XRAY NT1
3. Schär Traugott - XRAY NT1

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Also during the whole Sunday the weather was a bit crazy, changing from rain to sun every 2 hours. I ran my semifinal on a drying track, I started really fast with the "humid tires" but they were a bit too soft and at the end when the track was almost dry, it was really difficult to drive. I finished 3rd behind Geisser and Kurzbuch. The other semifinal was won by Silvio Hächler.

In the 1/10th 4 XRAY drivers could reach the main final. Wicki won the semi B, with the other XRAY driver Schäfer Michael in 3rd. In the semi A Schär finished in 2nd position and Maurice Lüscher in 4th.

The 1/10th final started with a drying track and it was really difficult to say what tires to use. Schär decided to start with rain tires but after 4mins he had to stop in order to change tires. Also the others drivers had some problem with tires but at the end Schär could reduce his gap and finished on 3rd position.

Raphael Wicki did a great final and won the final in front of the talented electric driver and ETS finalist Kuriger Sandro. The other 2 XRAY drivers Schäfer and Lüscher were fast in the final but unfortunately they had some problem and they finished 7th and 8th.

In the 1/8th I started the final on the 5th position and after 3 laps I was fighting for the 3rd position. Unfortunately Hächler and Kurzbuch had a little crash in front of me and I lost almost 5 or 6 seconds. I pushed for the whole final and in the last 10mins I was on 3rd position just 4 secs behind Kurzbuch. I tried to push but I couldn't reach Simon, so I finished in 3rd position behind Kurzbuch and Hächler.

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Top 3 Final 1/8th
1. Hächler Silvio
2. Kurzbuch Simon
3. Pesenti Mattia - XRAY RX8

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Top 3 Final 1/10th
1. Wicki Raphael - XRAY NT1
2. Kuriger Sandro
3. Schär Traugott - XRAY NT1

I'm happy because the new prototype was very fast and I could fight with Kurzbuch and Hächler. Now I'm looking forward for the next race in Langenthal, Kurzbuch's home track.

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