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Race report by Stefan Lutka
On Saturday I attended Intertrack Challenge race in Svaty Jur, Slovakia. Qualifying was perfect anf gave me certainty and confidence to the finals.

We had 3 ten minute final runs. After a good start in the first final I was let down by the electronics failure. In the second round I made a few mistakes and some local drivers benefited out of it but I pushed hard and clean run got me back to the second position. Third final run was fantastic, although Rolo Feketevízi was on my tail until the end waiting for my mistake. I made a clean run and win this run taking the overall win.

I would like to thank everyone for support and I would like to invite you all to the next race in Kvetoslavov on August 1st.

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Final results:
1. Stefan Lutka – XRAY XB8E
2. Feketevizi
3. Juriga
4. Siska
5. Baumerth – XRAY XB8E
6. Rysavy
7. Holocsi
8. Baumerth JN – XRAY XB8E
9. Jahoda
10. Almasy

Set-up sheet:
Stefan Lutka