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The 5th round of the MSC Carpet Cup in Sweden were held last weekend. The track this time was very short and technical, and grip was quite low - something that would suit my T1 FK perfectly.

Friday practice was very good, I started out with my usual starting setup and the car was really fast, no big changes needed to make fast and consistent laptimes. I ran the car quite soft and nothing unusual, it was just good and easy to drive as always with the T1 Factory Kit.

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The race during saturday was very enjoyable, I took TQ position quite easy in all three rounds. Still the car was getting better as traction increased. The mains were also good, in the second one I got hit in the second corner and ended up last, then I pushed as hard as I can all the way to 1st position again and could even manage to lap all the other drivers. Awesome performance, car was brilliant!

Also, the Swedish Cup for Touring cars of 2004 has ended, the cup consisted of three asphalt events and three carpet events on diffrent tracks in Sweden, all the best drivers competed such as Joel, Andreas Myrberg, Jonas Andersson, Viktor Wilck and others. The top three drivers as follows:

Swedish Cup 2004

1. Alexander Hagberg 181p Xray T1 FK
2. Arvid Stenberg 175p Xray T1 FK
3. Christofer Löf 161p Xray T1 FK

Setup of Alexander Hagberg is available for download here.