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Another exciting race for Austrian nats is done. This time, we were on nice but tricky track in Krieglach – Austria. As usual, we had training on Saturday, where I was searching for good setup, and perfect lines on the track. I've already drove on this track 2 years ago, but we had really cold weather then, so that set-up wasn't usable for this race. So I've started from scratch, with my basic setup. And like I've said, this track is really tricky, with 1 corner where the track drops and then rises again, so car can bottom out really easily; and even more, you can't see the curb in this corner, so you really go in blindfolded.

My car was really horrible from the start (diff was to stiff, springs to hard and car to low) so I had to make some adjustments to the setup. Then, after few rounds, I got used to track's weird conditions, and car improved; so I could really improve my lap times (got to 20.8s) I've also had some thrilling practice rounds with Jurgen Horn...that was just great :)

Then for Sunday's race :) Weather was slightly cold in the morning, and I'm not sure if it was raining or not, but everything was slightly wet, so grip was low compared to yesterday so I was struggling with the car.

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I've made some mistakes in first qualifications so they weren't really good, but then rest of them were quite better, so I managed to secure 3rd spot in finals.

Then at the start of 1st finals I've managed to get to 2nd place in first corner, but I had a crash in 3. lap and fell to 4th place. So again I had to push like crazy, to secure 2nd place.

I had some luck in second finals, because first 2 drivers were fighting for leading position and I was just waiting behind them on 3. position. Then they've crashed and I managed to get in front, and lead till the end.

I crashed really badly in last finals and fell to 6th position, then as I was getting back to front, I hit a guy and got stop&go penalty so I had to wait for him. But still somehow managed to get to 3rd position at the end
So at the end, I've finished on 2nd position overall which is great regarding situation on the track and I'm satisfied with it. It was a great weekend, with tons of tight battles for positions in all groups congratulations to all drivers.

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Final results:
1. Jürgen HORN - XRAY T4
2. Jan POPIC - XRAY T4

3. Thomas ROSEGGER
4. Alexander HOCHEGGER - XRAY T4
5. Vinzenz SCHRANK
7. Manfred PASCH - XRAY T4
8. Christian SCHIFF - XRAY T4
9. Markus LINECKER - XRAY T4

10. Christian VÖLKER

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