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Race report by Andreas Heublein
On July 18th + 19th the Nitro Fish Fun Race was held the track of MAC Brombachsee, JUST-RC.DE team driver Andreas Heublein participated with his new XB8 2015 spec.

The track has 3 different surfaces: astro turf, lawn grid and cobblestone.
Since this is Andreas home track it was just the right time for his first race and test with his new XB8 2015 spec. The engine gave him during the whole race weekend an advantage, because of the fabulous running time from over 10 minutes.

After 2 rounds of qualification, Andreas qualified for the semifinals and bumped up to the main final as 3rd.

From the beginning on he felt very comfortable with the car. The secure driving feeling of XB8 and the running time from FX engine gave him the possibility to reach the 2nd place overall, 1st place overall also XRAY XB8 2015 driven by Alex S.

Looking back car and engine showed a great performance and it was the right decision to change to XRAY.

Final results:

1. Alex Schlatterer - XRAY XB8
2. Andreas Heublein - XRAY XB8

3. Thorsten Gei├čler
4. Fabian Hasl
5. Peter Sauter
6. Rico Resch
7. Bernd Eichner
8. Florian Mantsch
9. Friedrich Scherz
10. Neki Steltner

Set-up sheet:
Andreas Heublein