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The 5th round of the RCProf Summer Series was held at the MAMSE outdoor asphalt track in Budapest.

The most popular category is the Stock 13.5T in this series, so I was racing in that category during the summer.

I could find a pretty good setup for this technical layout, low grip track.

During this race weekend in august, the extremely hot weather made the grip even worse.

I knew that the first qualifying in the morning should be the fastest of the all 3 qualifications we had that day, so I used my new Ride rex34 tire for the first qualification in the "cold" conditions to secure the TQ position.

Hopefully I could win that first qualification with a fairly big 4seconds lead ahead of the 2nd driver.

In this series the fastest time would count out of the 3 qualifications and I assumed that nobody could improve their time as the track temperature is getting hotter and hotter, so I took my new, 1 run tire off and used an old tire for the rest of the runs.

My guess was right, nobody could improve in the 5 minute run and beat my TQ time. However I could also win the last 2 qualifications even with old tires.

In the first final I had a close fight with the second place driver. Lots of overtaking maneuvers happened between us, but eventually after the multiple position changes in the lead I could win the first final.

The second final brought an easy win for me as I could build a confident lead after the start, which was enough until the finish so I could secure the stock category win in the 5th round of the championship and I'm fighting for the overall stock champion title in the upcoming, last round of the RCProf Summer Challenge.

Stock 13.5T Top 3:
1. Zsolt Kálnay - XRAY T4

2. Gábor Forrai
3. János Birinyi

Race report by Zsolt Bajusz