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Second race of Finnish championship serie was held in Mäntsälä a week ago. Mäntsälä is about 60 km from helsinki to North east. It is the same place were allready legendary Rebellion race is every year.


We had 3 qualifying rounds. After first round of qualifyings it was clear that Simo Ahoniemi and Juho Levanen were the fastest guy´s. The XRAY Team was working hard togheter and we managed to get two of our new FK´05 cars to final. Pekka Koivula 7th and Teppo Kauppinen 10th.

Finals: click to enlarge
Modified top 6
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All three finals where wery close racing between middle position racers. First two finals were won by Simo and Juho was 2nd. So this was Simo´s second win in row, but diference was smaller than last race.


1. Simo Ahoniemi
2. Juho Levänen
3. Tommi Torikka
4. Sakke Ahoniemi
5. Jouko Termonen
6. Pekka Koivula XRAY
7. Tony Raikas
8. Christer Andersson
9. Teppo Kauppinen XRAY
10. Kalle Lehto

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Stock top 3
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In stock class Miko Teponoja won with his XRAY T1 FK. Concratulations Miko!!

Pro stock (17)
1. Ari Lappi
2. Harri Nyman
3. Jani Seppälä

Serie points after 2nd round:
1. Simo Ahoniemi
2. Sakke Ahoniemi
3. Jouko Termonen
4. Pekka Koivula XRAY
5. Teemu Saarinen
6. Tony Raikas
7. Christer Andersson
8. Vesa Yli XRAY
9. Jarno Siltanen
10. Kalle Lehto

1. Miko Teponoja XRAY
2. Joni Minkkinen
3. Viljami Kutvonen