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Race report by Bruno Coelho
2015 European Championship A:

The European Championships for 1/10 Nitro cars was held at the EFMOD Model track in Turkey. It is a huge track with lap times of approximately 25 seconds, and it is one of the best tracks I have ever been at… difficult, high traction, and 37°C temperatures.

Team XRAY had a very good pace in practice. We tried some new parts on the NT1 which proved to be the best improvements in the Euros. I was one of the fastest guys in practice, but keeping consistent lap times for 5 minutes was quite challenging.

In the qualifiers, Alex Hagberg and I were not fast enough to beat Greiner but still our performance was fully competitive. I had same problems with tires during the qualifiers, and that put me out of the fight for TQ. In the Superpole the track was completely different, and unfortunately I was not able to beat Teemu by 0.020sec.

In my semi-final, I started 1st with Dirk right behind me. My car felt a little strange with my rear sliding in every fast corner. During my third pit-stop I got a ‘stop & go’ penalty due to bad refueling, and this put me in 2nd place behind Dirk. Alex’s semi-final was slower than mine because the asphalt was super hot, causing the track to lose a lot of grip.

For the Final we decided to change my front anti-roll bar, which finally gave my car the stability and speed that I was looking for. However, during the warm-up my engine didn´t work well; it was really behaving strangely like some silicone fuel tubing was broken. We managed to change all the silicone tubes and also the glow plug before the start. This solved the issue and we were able to start really strongly.

I started 4th behind Dirk and in two laps I managed to overtake him and started following Teemu and Greiner. After a few laps, I was fighting for 2nd place with Teemu and I was able to do an amazing overtake on him. My car was really fast and that really gave me the confidence to go for it. After another few laps I caught Greiner and overtook him to win the race.

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I'm very happy and proud of this win, and I have to say many, many thanks to my father who supported me from the beginning, to Alex Hagberg for being a super teammate, and to Martin & Juraj Hudy for the support and for making it all possible. I also want to say congratulations to my teammate Tom Krägefski or the amazing win in the Euro B and to Jannick Namyslo for his European Junior Champion title.

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Race report by Tom Kraegefski
2015 European Championship B:

Since the first practice the hard work of the 2015 season becomes paid off. I had a very good basic setup and could even improve to a faster and safer car in the limited track time for Euro B drivers. To work for a 45min final car was the main task for me at the nice EFMOD Track in Izmir.

The whole team worked perfect together to find a good setup for all XRAY pilotes. Big thx also to Umut Öztümen and Umut Türkay who cared about all needs of the team for one week. It was a lot of fun with you!

At the qualification we tried just small changes at the car and I could take the overall TQ with 4 TQ runs out of 5, unfortunately we forgot to start at Q2 while we tried to fix a problem at Alex car. The 20min direct qualifier practice for me and the Super Pole winner Kaya Ali shows again how much the track can change. After one hour of lunch break the traction of the track was lower than expected, but my car was still ok to drive and we didn´t change anything for the final.

For the 45min final we decided to do a 4 wheel tire change to have an easy car all the time, we just need a little gap to second spot at half time. I had a clean start of the final, but flipped the car while overlapping after 3 minutes with big tires at a curb. I tried to stay even more far away of the dangerous areas at this difficult track. The rest of the final I could realize a safe run with enough speed to come into the pits for our planed tire change after 21 minutes and finally 1 Lap in the lead after this great 45 minutes race.

I used a modified XRAY NT1`15, Orcan RS3 engine with Orcan 2669 + S pipe made by Hipex.

One more time I have to thank my family, parents and grandparents to support me. Thanks goes also to Hudy family Martin Hudy, Mario Hudy, Juraj Hudy for a great team work to improve the car and your support. My second family in Siegen for the best service someone can get, thx SMI Motorsport Bertram Kessler, Anke Müller, Mischa Kessler, Marina Heinrich. Thank you Michael Heinrich for this greate service. Thank you Marco Conforti, Piero Torregiani, Michael Selner.

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2015 European Championship:
1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY NT1
2. Simo Kurzbuch
3. Dominic Greiner
4. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY NT1
5. Patrick Nahr
6. Joe Kerry
7. Mickael Derderian – XRAY NT1
8. Quentin Leroux
9. Dirk Wischnewski
10. Teemu Leino

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2015 European Championship B
1. + TQ - Tom Krägefski – XRAY NT1
2. Jannick Namyslo – XRAY NT1
3. Umut Oztumen – XRAY NT1

4. Spreng Helli
5. Cengiz Sonmezler – XRAY NT1
6. Ates Billur – XRAY NT1
7. Haluk Soyyoruk – XRAY NT1

8. Bulent Toker
9. Kasap Ahmet – XRAY NT1
10. Kaya Ali

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2015 European Junior Champion
1. Jannick Namyslo – XRAY NT1

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