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This year, the Euro 40+ was held at the famous track of Lostallo, Switzerland. We drove to Lostallo on Tuesday so that we could practice a bit. The weather was most of the time wet from Monday to Thursday, so it was very difficult for the drivers to find a good setup for the car.

I was very happy already at the first training with my NT1 and I made only small adjustments. I had some ideas but the weather did not allow me to try them, anyway I was very happy with my car and I was looking forward to the race.

The qualifying runs were a challenge. Two runs were run in dry condition and three in wet conditions. I ran one with rain car and rain tires, another with dry car and on wet track and with dry tires, the other one with the rain car and wet tires.

But at the end everything worked perfectly and I was really happy about my pole position. Bernd Hasselbring secured the second place directly in the final on the Super Pole. From the two semi-finals other 10 drivers came up in the main final. The semi final B was won by Hartmut Rose, and Andreas Husman was the winner of the semi final A. For the final I had to find mechanic, since my mechanic Monika was also in the final.

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The final was really fantastic. Weather was good and all the finals were run under dry conditions. There were many great fights and I could win the title just before the finish line in front of Andreas Husman.

Thanks to my wonderful two mechanics Mattia Pesenti and Michael Schäfer for the refueling stops, changing tires and carburetor adjustment. Guys well done thanks.

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Final results:
1. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
2. Andreas Husman
3. Hartmut Rose XRAY NT1
4. Jakob Bühler XRAY NT1

5. Bernd Hasselbring
6. Alexander Naumov XRAY NT1
7. Marco Tanner
8. Adrian Roschi XRAY NT1
9. Manfred Ebener
10. Helli Spreng
11. Monika Ackermann XRAY NT1
12. Michael Heinrich XRAY NT1

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Set-up sheet:
Traugott Schär