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The last round of Greek national championship was held on Hobbytech track at Serres.

The starting grid of the race was:

1. Papanikolaou
2. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8
3. Makropoulos
4. Anapoliotakis
5. Perogiannakis
6. Paparegas John – XRAY XB8
7. Grigoriadis – XRAY XB8
8. Terzis
9. Markos – XRAY XB8
10. Venianakis

Another win for Tasos Paparegas and Team XRAY with 5 lap gap ahead of second place Makropoulos and his brother John.

Final standings:

1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8
2. Makropoulos
3. Paparegas John – XRAY XB8
4. Perogiannakis
5. Papanikolaou
6. Terzis
7. Markos – XRAY XB8
8. Anapoliotakis
9. Grigoriadis – XRAY XB8
10. Venianakis

Tasos Paparegas wins again the Greek National title for 2015 with 3 tone to tone victories.

Great performance again from XRAY team.

Paparegas family want to thank Fanatix team for their support, XRAY cars, HB tires and FX engines.