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At the end of February 2005, the large sports hall in Prague hosted the 4th round (last round) of the Czech Republic National Championship. There were three different categories on schedule: Modified 1/10, Standard 1/10, and Micro 1/18.

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The Standard category has increased popularity over the last season and the competition in this class has improved as well. After four rounds during the last winter season, the final results of this category are:

1. Jakub OPA jun. - XRAY
2. Martin ŠTASTNÝ - XRAY

3. Ji?í TLUSTÝ - Tamiya
4. Stanislav N?ME?EK - Losi
5. Tomáš SVOBODA - Asso
6. Stanislav MARKO - Tamiya
7. Lukáš GOMBÍK - XRAY
8. Pavel MAGDA - Tamiya
9. Michal STEHNO - XRAY
10. Martin ZVÁRA - Asso

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The Modified category was as usual the most competitive and fully loaded with the best drivers from Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the last four rounds of the series the battle was between Martin Hudy, Michal Bok, and Vaclav Strupek. In the end it was Martin that won all qualifying heats and all three finals. The final results of the National Championship in this category are:

1. Martin HUDÝ - XRAY
2. Michal N?ME?EK - XRAY
3. Michal BOK - XRAY
4. Václav STRUPEK - XRAY
5. Zdenìk HAMÁK - XRAY
6. Tomáš KUBICA jun. - XRAY
7. Erik MUFF - XRAY

8. Roman KO?ÍNEK - Corally
9. Martin TLUSTÝ jun. - Tamiya
10. Juraj HUDÝ - XRAY

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In the Micro category all drivers had as usual a lot of fun and the main competition and battle was for the second and third place, since the winner Martin Stastny dominated the race and did not give a chance to anybody else. After tight competition and racing, it was young Adam Dubák who finished second in front of Juraj Hudy. The final results of the Micro 1/18 category are:

1. Martin Š?astný - XRAY
2. Adam Dubák jun. - XRAY
3. Juraj Hudý - XRAY
4. Vladimír Šulc - XRAY
5. Petr Beneš - XRAY
6. Lukáš Ruber jun. - XRAY
7. Milan Parák - XRAY
8. Kája Novotný jun. - XRAY

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The outdoor National Championship series will start at the end of April 2005 and the entire Czech team has been looking forward to the outdoor racing. As usual we will bring reports and results after the races.