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Race report by Max Götzl
At my home track in Horní Jelení I attended a race on 26th September 2015, it was the 4th and also the last race of CR Championship Buggy 1:8 IC and E.

I was on the 6th position in IC category before this race. I knew very well I had to make a good race to move a bit higher in the final position. It was a successful race for me as I finished on the 2nd position and therefore I reached the 1st place in junior category. Thanks to this result I moved to the 3rd overall position. The whole race was successful since the qualifications. After the first qualification I moved to the 2nd position but there was Kája Novotný who was faster in the second race with a better time. During the 3rd qualification I didn’t manage to have a better time than in my 1st qualification and therefore I lost the chance to go to the main final.

I started from the 1st position in semi-final A and luckily I had no problems to keep this position till the end. I started from the 3rd position in the main final, unfortunately I made a few mistakes during the first lap and I lost a few positions. I managed to calm down and concentrate to the race and I succeeded to get to the 2nd position and keep it till the end.

In category EL I managed to drive the second best time in qualification and it moved me straight to main final. In main final I kept the 2nd position from the qualifications till the end. At the same time I won the junior category.

My XRAY XB8’15 worked again without any troubles in both categories IC and EL. My father and I were successful to find the right set-up and the choice of tyres which was very important. My father and the other members of the club made a reconstruction of the track during the time when the circuit is closed before the Championship and they created a surface which had a great grip. I had a great fun and trust during the both races as I knew I can count on the technical quality.

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Final results IC
1. Mára Jiří
2. Götzl Max - XRAY XB8
3. Novotný Karel
4. Mudra Milan
5. Klatovský Petr
6. Dvořák Jiří
7. Kapička Jan
8. Hájek Karel
9. Kapička Tomáš
10. Kulhánek Ondřej - XRAY XB8
11. Domanský Jan
12. Beneš Jiří - XRAY XB8
13. Bidovský Aleš

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Final results EL
1. Novotný Karel
2. Götzl Max - XRAY XB8E
3. Bidovský Aleš
4. Ornst Marek
5. Brož Václav
6. Viktorín Ivo
7. Valder Jaroslav - XRAY XB8E
8. Petr Jan - XRAY XB8E

9. Rytíř Martin
10. Chaloupka Tomáš
11. Kuda Max
12. Hainová Alexandra
13. Bílek Roman - XRAY XB8E