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Race report by Noah Ford
This weekend we attended the Scale Reproduction Inc SHOWDOWN 29th Anniversary race.

170+ entries with some of the best racers in the region.
This was Noah's first race with the Xb8e. Practice went good, made a few tweaks to the the stock setup and buggy was dialed. Running qual points and double A's. TQ'D Rd 1 and Rd 3 to TQ the class.

A1 had a nice clean start and led tone to tone.

A2 made a early mistake, fell back to 4th. Kept digging, getting through traffic, my Xb8e was able to go wherever I ask it to. Moved up to 2nd with about 3 minutes left. Set my sights on the leader. Started to close in on the leader, leader made a small mistake with 2 laps to go. Was able to get around and hold the lead for the remainder of the race.