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Race report by Mattia Pesenti
During the last week the big track of Lostallo held the last round of Swiss Nats. During the first practices the car felt really good and we did just a few adjustments to the setup in order to improve my lap times.

Unfortunately my father and pitman Sergio wasn’t there this time, but Monika and Traugott helped me during the whole weekend.

During the 4 qualifying rounds the car and the engine worked perfectly. I didn’t have any problem on doing the 5minutes, and in Lostallo is always a big advantage. I won the first and the third round and this brought me to the top of the raking list. Also Luca Martinelli won a round so the last one was deciside. Simon Kurzbuch in the last one did a very fast round without refueling and I finish second. So I secured the TQ in this last round of Swiss Nats.

I was really happy, because it was my 3rd TQ of the year!

Top5 Qualify:

1. Mattia Pesenti – XRAY RX8

2. Luca Martinelli
3. Simon Kurzbuch
4. Christophe Pethoud
5. Thomas Henzi

My semifinal was hard because all the strongest drivers were in the A-Semifinal. I started really good, and after 3-4 laps I let Kurzbuch and Haechler to pass. I didn’t want to push too hard in the semi. Unfortunately at the first pit stop I lost my air filter and I had to stop another time the following lap. After the 20mins semifinal I finished 4th, allowing me to start in 6th position in the final.

In the final Kurzbuch and Haechler started really good and they were faster, I was in 4th position fighting with Martinelli and Pethoud for the podium. We fought together until the tyres change. Haechler had to stop his race after 30minutes. Martinelli and me fought the whole race for the 2nd spot, we stay together for 45minutes, with max 5secs gap.

Unfortunately after leading the race for 42minutes, Kurzbuch stopped the race due to a problem. So me and Luca Martinelli we had just to finish the race. We had no more tires and I couldn’t reach him in order to pass him. I finished 2nd after a fantastic race! I want to thank Schaer Traugott and Heiniger Beat (my great mechanics) for the great work in the pit during this final.

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Top5 Final:

1. Luca Martinelli
2. Mattia Pesenti – XRAY RX8
3. Christophe Pethoud
4. Daniel Bapst
5. Marco Rizzo

This TQ and 2nd place allow me to pass Haechler Silvio in the Championship’s raking, so I’m the Vice Swiss Champion 2015.

Top3 Championship:

1. Simon Kurzbuch
2. Mattia Pesenti
3. Silvio Hächler

Thank you to my father Sergio for helping me since I begin RC racing in 1992, T+M Models (Traugott and Monika) for the support, Picco Micromotori for the great engines, Runner Time Fuel, UFRA Tyres and of course XRAY RACING CARS and the whole Hudy Family.

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