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Race report by Katja Brammertz
At the last weekend the long desired opening race from the BIG Hamburg club took place. The club established in a time of 7 months an amazing club area with a great clay track. Not only the big clay track was amazing also the massive driver stand, the time keeping and the permanent catering area. Beside this the club also built permanent tables for reheating the engines before the race begins.

All drivers were glad to run the first rounds at this big clay track. After the first rounds the enthusiasm of the drivers was great. The club BIG Hamburg has established a race track which is suitable for professional drivers as also for beginners. Respect for this!

On Saturday every driver had three practice and three qualification rounds. The fourth qualification round and the finals took place on Sunday.

I was able to find very quickly a good setup for my nitro buggy (XRAY XB8). Beside the nitro buggy I started the first time in the electric class with my father´s buggy.

In the nitro class I started in the 1/4-final on the second position. After the start of the final I could manage very quickly to get the first position and to get a comfortable space to the second positioned driver. After this very good quarter final I started the semi final with a good feeling. Unfortunately I was not able to climb up to the final but I am very happy with my overall performance.

In the electric class I started the semi final with many mistakes! But I was able to get back and ended the semi final on position 4 and jumped up to the final! So I was allowed to drive two further finals on this nice track. At the end I finished the electric class on position 10. Florian Müller also started in the electric final with his XB8 and reached an amazing third position (congratulations!).

I would like to thank the club BIG Hamburg for this great event. Everything was perfect…the organization, the moderation, the track, the mood and also the weather.

One thing is certain….we will come back.

I also want to thank SMI Motorsport (especially family Müller) for their great support this year.