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The last race of the TopRC Alpe Adria Masters 2015 – LAMAC (Lavanttal – Austria) was held on 27th September at the very nice LAMAC track. The very technical but smooth track layout provided some great racing again, which was also emphasized by the great number of drivers registered to the race – more than 60. Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday may have frightened some drivers, but anyway the pits were almost full.

Since the fight for titles were still open in all classes drivers tried to prepare as much as possible for the race.

In 1/10 F1 class it was a very close fight between Jan Pernarčič (XRAY X1), Borut Svoljšak (XRAY X1) and Michael Selner. At the end Jan came first, Borut was second and Michael came in 3rd place. This was also the final classification of the series.

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Overall formula results
1. Jan Penarčič - XRAY X1
2. Borut Svolišak - XRAY X1

3. Michael Selner
4. Arno Webernig
5. Andrej Grebenc - XRAY X1
6. Oliver Wauch
7. Uroš Ploj - XRAY X1
8. Michael Klausner

In 1/10 Touring Stock 13.5 class it was again Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4/REDS) who won the race in front of Lukas Plattner and Vladimir Knehtl in 3rd place.

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1. Jan Penarcic – XRAY T4
2. Lukas Plattner
3. Vladimir Knehtl
4. Max Sonnleitner
5. Zvonko Pungarčič – XRAY T4
6. Gasper Ravbar
7. Uroš Ploj – XRAY T4
8. Stanislav Kokol – XRAY T4

The winner of the series was Stanislav Kokol (XRAY T4/REDS), in front of Gašper Ravbar and Alessandro Freno (XRAY T4).

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1. Stanislav Kokol – XRAY T4
2. Gasper Ravbar
3. Alessandro Freno - XRAY T4
4. Massimo Gratton
5. Pernarčič Jan – XRAY T4
6. Plattner Lukas
7. Bosa Luca – XRAY T4
8. Knehtl Vladimir
9. Sonnleitner Max
10. Nunzio Pollio – XRAY T4
11. Pungarcic Zvonko – XRAY T4
12. Ploj Uros – XRAY T4

In 1/10 Touring Open it was Toni Eder who won in front of Michael Herzog and Domen Lipnik. The winner of the series is Giovanni Battaglia in front of Luca Bosa and Matej Miklavec:

1. Giovanni Battaglia – XRAY T4
2. Luca Bosa – XRAY T4
3. Matej Miklavec – XRAY T4

4. Lipnik Domen
5. Vladimir Knehtl
6. Ghilotti Andrea – XRAY T4
7. Eder Toni
8. Herzog Michale
9. Skolaris Luka – XRAY T4
10. Raffaele Mazzolini – XRAY T4

In the 1/10 nitro Touring class it was Alojzij Osvald (XRAY NT1 2015/REDS WTS/TopRC) who took the win in front of Vladimir Knehtl and Gabor Laszlo (XRAY NT1/Orcan).

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1. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY NT1
2. Vladimir Knehtl
3. Gábor László – XRAY NT1
4. Lovro Sustersic
5. Paolo Mariuzza
6. Zvonko Pungarčič – XRAY NT1

In the final ranking it was Gabor Laszlo who took the win in front of Paolo Mariuzza and Vladimir Knehtl:

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1. Gabor Laszlo - XRAY NT1
2. Paolo Mariuzza
3. Vladimir Knehtl
4. Alojzij Osvald - XRAY NT1
5. Davide Abbressia - XRAY NT1

6. Callegari Fabio
7. Darko Nemec -XRAY NT1
8. Sustersic Lovro
9. Guadagno Umberto - XRAY NT1
10. Pungarcic Zvonko - XRAY NT1
11. Pacorigh Fabrizio - XRAY NT1

12. Benvenuto Moreno

The last raced class was the 1/8 IC Track. The local drivers were the fastest ones as Herfried Pucher took the win in front of Nejc Mihelič. Third place went to Jernej Vuga Štendler (XRAY RX8/REDS/TopRC).

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1. Herfried Pucher
2. Nejc Mihelic
3. Jernej Vuga Štendler – XRAY RX8

In the final ranking it was Jernej Vuga Štendler (XRAY RX8/REDS/TopRC) who won the series in front of Nejc Mihelič and Roland Riegler.

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1. Jernej Vuga Štendler – XRAY RX8
2. Nejc Mihelic
3. Roland Riegler

TopRC would like to congratulate the winners and all the drivers who were present this season!

We are already preparing the next 2016 season...

In the mean time the winter indoor season is almost here and we would like to ask you to SAVE THESE DATES:

22th November 2015 – Medeuzza (Italy)
20th December 2015 – Maribor (Slovenia)
24th January 2016 – Maribor (Slovenia)
21st February 2016 – Medeuzza (Italy)

Soon the official announcement...STAY TUNED !!!
Till next race!