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Race report by Robin Frischkopf
The second weekend of the first-ever 1/8th buggy electric Swiss championship was held on the 17th and 18th of October 2015. There would be one race each on Saturday and on Sunday on the very challenging astro turf track in Luetisburg in eastern Switzerland.

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Saturday the weather was ok although cold and with some light rain. Qualifying was very interesting and Kevin Zwahlen and Romeo Grass were very fast with me finishing third. I only had mini pin tyres ready which didn't have a lot of traction in the wet and it was very tricky to drive. After some setup changes though the car was easier to drive and a bit quicker.

The semi final (nitro driving mode) went okay and I started the final in fourth place. I was quickly up to second but then I dropped back to fourth because I lost all traction out of the first corner and two drivers with spiral tyres just passed easily. Soon I got back up to second and then a few laps later to first, and I drove the win home just two seconds in front of Kevin.

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Saturday race results:
1. Robin Frischkopf - XRAY XB8E
2. Kevin Zwahlen
Guido Erler (not classified for Swiss Champ.)
3. Gerd Pfeifer
4. Romeo Grass - XRAY XB8E
5. Roman Kummer

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On Saturday night after a nice fondue I glued up a set of spiral tyres and on Sunday morning's practice I noticed that I had been silly not to do this earlier. The car was about two seconds quicker now these tyres with traction to spare even though it now rained heavily all through Sunday. The main challenge now was to get the car as water proof as possible and failures among the field were very high.

After just two qualifying rounds we went straight to the final, which I started from 5th. Although I had the fastest qualifying run they counted both runs to reward the few drivers who had finished both of them which I didn't because of a motor failure.
The final was very exciting. How it went you can see in this video: youtube.

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Sunday Race results:
1. Kevin Zwahlen
2. Robin Frischkopf - XRAY XB8E
3. Beat Knutti
4. Fred Ferrando
5. Fredy Kobler

My two wins and two second places in the four races we had meant I am the first ever Electric 1/8 Buggy Swiss Champion. After a mostly unlucky nitro season to get this title was very nice and this new class is a lot of fun. We hope with more drivers and races in the future.

Set-up sheet:
Robin Frischkopf