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Race report by Ash Owen
I attended the first round of Frankley winter series over the weekend. The weather was cold but dry and therefore we decided to head to the race for a good day out to run my XB8’15.

My car felt pretty good in practice on the damp astro surface. Before qualifying I fitted a trifecta wing, reduced the caster and run a medium wheelbase setup.

I finished second in every qualifying run from Simon Willetts. I made a couple of minor mistakes in each of the runs which cost me time. I had a good start but crashed on the second lap in the final. This allowed Simon to get away clean. I regained second place quickly and stayed there comfortably until the end of the race.

My equipment ran great once again after a disappointing day last week where I had a back marker hit me whilst leading in Blackpool snapping my front drive shaft.

Final results:

1. Simon Willetts
2. Ash Owen – XRAY XB8
3. Chris Leighton