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We headed to Blackpool and North West nitro yesterday for the second round of there winter series. I was looking forward to running at this track and trying some different things on my XB8.

Due to some rain on the Saturday the track started out muddy and this resulted in a slighter lower turnout than normal. All those that braved it however were rewarded with an awesome track after round 1.

I took away some kick up of the front of my buggy after round 1 and increased the track width. This made my car very safe to drive. It did feel like it was pushing on corner exit however and therefore we took away some caster and that did the job perfectly.

I took all rounds of qualifying posting some great lap times. In the final I got away clean. Unfortunately due to the conditions earlier in the day we had a rear hub bearing collapse before the final pit stop.

I continued on but dropped the pace right off. Fortunately the XB8 held out showing how durable this peice of kit is!

I would like to thank you again for the continued support. Hopefully the weather will stay reasonable to enable more great racing through the winter.

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Top 3:
Ashlee Owen - XRAY XB8
James Hargreaves
Allan Ward