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Second round of XRAY WINTER SERIES Morava took place on 21st of November 2015. Location had not changed. Racers were supposed to come again in Jedovnice´s local sport hall.

Particularly 64 racers, who were divided into 5 classes – OPEN, STOCK 17,5T, HOBBY, F1 and GT.

Open class saw nice fight among two XRAY guys. David Nemcek and I was chasing each other during all qualifications. In finals I became more successful and reached victory ahead of David. Third place came to Michal Vítámvás and Petr Rovný took fourth position. Bad-lucker Ludvík Kurečka finishing only one heat brought home just fifth position.

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1. Kuba Šimurda - XRAY T4
2. David Nemček - XRAY T4
3. Michal Vítámvás - XRAY T4
4. Petr Rovný - XRAY T4
5. Ludvík Kurečka - XRAY T4

The biggest amount of drivers collected Stock class traditionally. Jaroslav Kopecky jr. proved his favourite role and won the race with some space behind him. Jakub Dalecký moved himself upwards and held the second position to the end. Even though gaps between 2-4 pilots were pretty close. Third position came to David Měšťan and Tono Sloboda from Slovakia fell down to fourth spot. The only lady of the race Markéta Vítámvásová finished fifth.

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1. Jaroslav Kopecký jr. - XRAY T4
2. Jakub Dalecký - XRAY T4
3. David Měšťan - XRAY T4

4. Tono Sloboda
5. Markéta Vítámvásová XRAY T4

Even formula 1 class offered some nice watching worthy battles. Lukáš Hoch and Jaroslav Vala raced wheel to wheel each heat. At the end first named was the more succesful one and took first position. Jaroslav Vala became runner-up. Marek Sova watched them from third place and stayed there during the whole race.

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1. Lukáš Hoch - XRAY X1
2. Jaroslav Vala - XRAY X1

3. Marek Sova
4. Jiří Groch - XRAY X1
5. Martin Janíček - XRAY X1

GT class showed how tricky RC car races are. Noone had anything granted. A few time driver racing on the first spot found himself fourth after just two laps. So after all Jindrich Kana came through this crazy stuff in the best way and finished first. Jiri Groch exploited all those fights in front and took second spot. Miroslav Jurenka, TQ driver could only take third position.

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1. Jindřich Káňa
2. Jiří Groch - XRAY X10
3. Miroslav Jurenka
4. Milan Cendelín - XRAY X10
5. Petr Nováček - XRAY X10

Additional class Hobby was won by Karel Bečička, who recovered himself from unsuccessful performance in GT class. Milan Cendelín finished second and David Káňa took third spot.

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1. Karel Bečička
2. Milan Cendelín - XRAY T4
3. David Káňa - XRAY T4
4. Jakub Zvejška - XRAY T4
5. Jan Žerníček - XRAY T4

Overall it was a great race with nice people on the starting grid. During qualifications and final heats there were no issues neither complications. Drivers were satisfied with organization and that´s for sure the biggest praise for Jaroslav Kopecky & his crew. Next race is coming on the 19th of December.

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Stock - Junior
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Hobby - Junior
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