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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
This was the 1st race of the BL-Winter Cup competition. It was long ago that I drove XRAY XB8 electro. In the training we have tried different tires and some adjustments, before the qualifications began.

In the overall standings after the 1st qualy I was 2nd. For the 2nd qualy we changed shocks and rear diff, this was a lot better and the car was great, I was the fastest in the 2nd and 3rd qualy and took TQ.

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I started my semi-final in first place and won. It was for me the 1st race I drove in the dirt, because we normally drive on astro turf, the great thing is that every heat the track is changing.

The finals I started also from place 1 but I made a mistake in one of the first turns, I hit the tube and came back on the track at place 9 or 10. After a few minutes I got back to the top 3 and made the same mistake again. And came back at 5th place, I tried to get back and I got the second spot on the finish

It was a beautiful race and I would like to come back for the other 2 races this winter.

I would like to thanks my sponsor: XRAY/RC-connect, Motorenrevisie Valkenswaard and my dad for the support.

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Final results:
1. Stephan Westerhoff
2. Jarno Pijpers - XRAY XB8E
3. Chris La Gasse
4. Mark v Waayenburg
5. Oscar Koot