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XRAY is happy to announce that the young talented Belgium driver Nico Risser will be part of the XRAY off-road team in 2016. Nico will attend races in Belgium & France EOS series and European Championship.

Nico says:
I have closely followed the XRAY team and evolution of their cars since few years ago. During these years XRAY was the team that has worked hardest to have the best cars on the market in every category. It is honor for me to join one of the most professional and best performing team. I am fully confident of the performance of the XB8, XB4 & XB2 cars and quality of XRAY products and for sure I would like to thanks to XRAY for this great opportunity.

Nico‘s best achievements:
• French champion 1/10
• Belgium champion1/10
• Multiple EOS finalist

Nico will participate in 2016 at all major regional & national and some international races including:

• European Championship
• Belgium 1/8 Championship
• Belgium 1/10 Championship
• French 1/10 Championship