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The annual Eastern European International Race was held in Poland in a small city near Krakow. As usual, the majority of the best drivers from Eastern Europe joined the racing and almost 100 drivers from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus gathered together for a weekend of great racing.

Practice (Friday)
A free practice was on the schedule for the whole Friday, with first qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday. XRAY factory team driver Martin Hudy arrived at the track on Friday evening just at the end of practice.

Qualifiers (Saturday) click to enlarge
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The first qualifiers started early in the morning on Saturday, and the first heat was won by Bas Mateusz with his XRAY car.

After getting a feel for the track layout in the first heat, Martin set up his T1FK’05 and won all of the remainig qualifying heats. Vaclav Strupek from the Czech XRAY team was setting the second fastest lap times, followed by Mateuz Bas.

Top qualifiers:
Martin Hudy - XRAY
Mateuz Bas - XRAY
Maciej Dzwigaj - HPI PRO 4

Finals (Sunday) click to enlarge
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The finals were scheduled for 9AM Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the organisers changed the schedule so the first finals started earlier in the morning. Due to the time schedule change, Martin missed the first final but at the end was still able to win the remaining two finals.

In the end, XRAY made up 6 of the top 10 cars in the weekend, claiming the TQ position and winning the event!

Final results of Eastern European International Race (Poland):
1. Martin Hudy XRAY
2. Maciej Dzwigaj HPI PRO 4
3. Lukasz Kowalczyk Yokomo
4. Michal Rajdus XRAY
5. Mateuz Bas XRAY
6. Tomas Rajdus XRAY

7. Aureliusz Ciechalski TAMIYA
8. Rafal Zeljas XRAY
9. Michal Mamczars LOSI
10. Vaclav Strupek XRAY