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Race report by Lorenzo Crolla
The 4th annual GP of Lyon is done. As in previous years Storm Team did a great job and prepared beautiful track.

This was the first time for me with both XB4 and XB2 racing on a high grip carpet track. In 2wd I had a bad start and got 2nd place on the grid for finals. We had 2 finals of 8 minutes taking the result of both. I happened to win both final runs. The 2WD was good and easy.

In 4wd it was a bit different. However my car was perfect from the 1st practice to the last final, without making any change on the car during the day, she was just perfect. Taking 3 TQ and won the 2 finals improving always the best time and best lap time.

Thanks to my sponsors: XRAY - HUDY - RcConcept - Proline - Spektrum

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Final results:

1. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB2

2. Renaud Savoya
3. Stephane Deroch
4. Riccardo Berton
5. Jean-pierrick Sartel
6. Armand Lanthaume - XRAY XB2
7. Thomas Musso
8. Vincent Meertens
9. Julin Formentin
10. Julian Ferrandis - XRAY XB2


1. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB4

2. Renaud Savoya
3. Armand Lanthaume - XRAY XB4
4. Vincent Meertens
5. Thomas Musso
6. Thomas Anger
7. Jean-pierrick Sartel
8. Julian Ferrandis - XRAY XB4
9. Stephane Deroch - XRAY XB4

10. Quentin Legall

Set-up sheets
Lorenzo Crolla 2WD
Lorenzo Crolla 4WD