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Yet another (now third) race of XWS Slovenia was organized on 23.1./24.01.2016. It was held at small yet nice track in Maribor »Pik Hala«, which was slightly changed compared to previous race. Free practice was available during the whole Saturday, so drivers could really get used to the track and find proper setup, and to exchange any tips.

Then it was time for one round of seeding practice on Sunday morning, which determined the positions in qualification groups. Even though this was “just” practice, all drivers were eager to pull of their best 3 consecutive laps.

In stock class it was really coming down to hundredths of a second, Jan Popič managed to gain first position for qualis with best 3 lap times of 25.289, then it was only 0.046s determining between 2nd and 4th position. So Alojzij Osvald took 2nd place, ahead of Dario Veseli.

Nejc Marčič was the one to grasp on the best starting position in F1 category, leading the way for Andrej Grebenc on 2nd, and Borut Svoljšak on 3rd position

In 1:12 Pan Car class we also witnessed really close lap times, Valentin Mis had 23.042 with first position and Rok Rudl had 23.083 on second position. Both in front of Nejc Mihelič that managed to get 3rd lap times.

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Seeding practice was followed by 3 rounds of qualifications. And Jan Popič took TQ position in Stock class with 2 wins, in front of Dario Veseli and Viktor Bolšec (all running XRAY’s). In F1 class it was yet again Nejc Marčič the one to lead the pack with TQ position, and Jan Pernarčič and Borut Svoljšak following closely behind, all with XRAY X1. It was Rok Rudl that took TQ position in 1:12 Pan car, followed by Valentin Mis and Goran Vignjevič.

The most exciting part of the race…the finals started after drivers got their well deserved lunch break.

First up was Formula ‘A’ where Nejc Marčič dominated the race, with 2 wins and one second place. We saw some fantastic round in this open-wheel category.

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1. Nejc Marčič - XRAY X1
2. Jan Pernarčič - XRAY X1
3. Borut Svoljšak - XRAY X1
4. Andrej Grebenc - XRAY X1
5. Darko Nemec - XRAY X1
6. Matevz Homar - XRAY X1

7. Massimo Gratton
8. Sašo Kramljak - XRAY X1

In formula ‘B’ finals, Zvonko Pungračič won, in front of Jurij Kurnik and Robert Simčič.

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1. Zvonko Pungračič - XRAY X1
2. Jurij Kurnik - XRAY X1
3. Robert Simčič - XRAY X1
4. Zeno Noacco - XRAY X1
5. Claudio Ziani - XRAY X1
6. Nunzio Pollio - XRAY X1

Next there was Stock ‘A’ category. Here we were able to see some real joys of stock racing…drivers that all have equal conditions and only technique, driving style and some luck counts for overall ranking. Jan Popič, Alojzij Osvald, Dario Veseli and other drivers all had some tight and really exciting battles for positions. After 2 rounds of finals, Jan Popič and Alojzij Osvald both had one win, and Dario Veseli following closely behind, so it was all down to 3rd finals. Where Jan Popič made a mistake in 3rd lap so he had to chase the leaders. Alojzij Osvald was on second, chasing the leader Dario Veseli. But Dario then made a mistake, so Alojzij and Jan got to front. Then Jan Popič managed to pass the leader in last lap, and won the race followed by Alojzij and then Dario.

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End result in Stock ‘A’ class was:

1. Jan Popic - XRAY T4
2. Alojzij Osvald - XRAY T4
3. Dario Veseli - XRAY T4
4. Viktor bolsec - XRAY T4
5. Matej Miklavec - XRAY T4

6. Vladimir Knehtl
7. Plattner Lukas

Gregor Banko won Stock ‘B’ finals, followed by Uroš Ploj on 2nd and Luka Bušac on 3rd position.

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1. Gregor Banko - XRAY T4
2. Uros Ploj - XRAY T4

3. Luka Bušac
4. Erik Klanjšček - XRAY T4
5. Stanislav Kokol - XRAY T4

6. Gasper Ravbar

Stock category even had ‘C’ finals, where Giovanni Battaglia scored a clean win ahead of Rok Pongrac and Bjan Mikložic.

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1. Giovanni Battaglia - XRAY T4
2. Rok Pongrac
3. Bjan Mikložič - XRAY T4
4. Zvonko Pungračič - XRAY T4
5. Bojan Dobric - XRAY T4

Last but not least we had 1:12 pan car class where in ‘A’ finals local Rok Rudl got clean win with 2 first places, Nejc Mihelič was on second followed by Goran Vignjevič on third place

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1. Rok Rudl - XRAY X12
2. Nejc Mihelic
3. Goran vignjevic - XRAY X12
4. Valentin Mis
5. Herfried Pucher - XRAY X12

Luka Školaris won in pan car ‘B’ finals in front of Denis Fink and Stefan Hois.

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1. Luka Školaris
2. Fink Denis - XRAY X12
3. Stefan Hois - XRAY X12
4. Gerald Stuckler - XRAY X12

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So yet another race in XRAY Winter Series Slovenia is in the books. Like always it has served us with exciting racing and great atmosphere. Thanks to MSM club for great and organized race, and congratulations to all drivers for their results.

Next race of XWS will be held in Medeuzza - Italy on 21.02, you are warmly welcome to participate. Registration is already open: http://tinyurl.com/z37kuat.