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The last round of the Danish Indoor Championship was held on April 2nd in Brondby near Copenhagen. Approximately 40 racers attended the race.

In Modified class, the champion and the second place were already determined in the previous round. However, the race was still open for the remainder of the finishing places. It looked like local driver Michael Priest had the pace to take the TQ in front of Steen Graversen (Tamiya) and Soren Boy Holst (XRAY). Michael Priest was flying this weekend because he managed to drive his XRAY T1 Raycer into TQ, with Steen Graversen in second, and Soren Boy Holst in in third.

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In the Finals, Michael Priest was just not able to manage the pressure from Steen Graversen, so Steen took the lead and the win.

Results for Modified:
1. Steen Graversen Tamiya
2. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T1FK05
3. Michael Praest XRAY T1R

4. Soeren Eskildsen Schumacher MI2
5. Casper Morgen Tamiya
6. Ken Flydal Tamiya
7. Michael Ravn XRAY T1FK
8. Jonas Kaerup Associated – European Champion
9. Kim Lindegaard XRAY
10l.Johan Eskildsen Schumacher MI2

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In battle in Stock was between Johnny Andersen (Tamiya) and Carsten Madsen (XRAY) Johnny was able to take the win in front of Carsten, as Carsten had some problems with his car and didn’t mange to get near Johnny.

Results for Stock:
1. Johnny Andersen Tamiya
2. Carsten Madsen XRAY T1R
3. Jim Johansen Tamiya
4. Torben Praest XRAY T1R
5. Thomas Kristiansen Associated
6. Claus B. Nielsen XRAY T1FK05
7. Henrik Haagen XRAY

8. Ole Hansen Tamiya
9. Martin K. Soerensen XRAY T1R
10.Lars Hviid XRAY

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