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The 2016 Eastern States Indoor On-Road Championship program held on Saturday and Sunday February 6th though 7th, was an awesome success. There was an overwhelming response with over 90 entries. The morning began in a very organized way at 8 AM.

By 10 AM the pit area was overflowing, and as additional racers showed up, they were guided to an adjacent pit area next to the drift track with plenty of room with tables for late entries accommodations.

The program started at 12 noon on time, and moved along in an organized and efficient manner. RC Car World Race Director Oladelé Bolden, with the invaluable assistance Juwan Hunter, setup over 70 entries and registered 13 heats.

Peers, old friends, teen sons and daughters and several new faces including first time players attended the event. The excitement was in the air as many waited for their turn, gathered around the track with brewing excitement. Everyone seemed very excited, enthusiastic, and without doubt the regular Sunday audience of shoppers at the Grand Market Place enjoyed the extended RC display of speed. Racer discussions from RC websites, and our social media comments and feedback, all agree, this was a memorable day with lots of fun, filled with pleasant emotions, it is no wonder they're all planning to come back for more.

Races were held for a variety of classes, Vintage, 17.5 Touring, USGT, F1 Rubber, F1 Foam, Mini, and 1/12, with 17.5 Touring being the most popular.

The story of the weekend was the dominant performance of Patrick Clark in 17.5 TC. With a first round Tq run of 35 6:00 five racers were within a few seconds of the TQ lap pace. In round two several drivers begin to close the gap and apply pressure on Pat. Round 3 Pat erased all doubt of who would end the day holding TQ, with his most dominate run of the event of a 37 6:09! Patrick running the new Team Associated TC7 was the only driver of the event to eclise the 37 lap mark. With pat’s strangle hold on TQ attention shifted to the remaining nine spots in the A main. When the dust had settled only eight seconds separated the remaining to 8 drivers. With Tom Lane qualifying 3rd with 35 6:01 and Oladelé Bolden 10th with 35 6:09. The grid was for an exciting A main. In the main Pat’s dominance continued as he took a tone to tone victory at the 2016 Eastern States Championship.
Here are the winners of the event:

17.5 TC (A Main) Winners
1) Patrick Clark
2) Quin Moon
3) Courtney Townend - XRAY T4
4) Robert Bendall - XRAY T4

5) Tom Lane
6) Marvin Morris - XRAY T4
7) Oladelé Bolden - XRAY T4
8) Steve Nottingham - XRAY T4

9) Richard Daley
10) Chris Wasnesky

USGT A Main winners
1) Patrick Clark
2) James Denmark
3) Tom Lane
4) Marvin Morris - XRAY T4
5) Courtney Townend - XRAY T4

6) Walo Walker
7) Sunny Singh
8) Carlton Cole - XRAY T4
9) Phil Gonesh - XRAY T4

10) Ali Kara

VINTAGE (A Main) winners
1) Papo Swing
2) Tom Trez
3) Phil Gonesh - XRAY T4
4) Gene White - XRAY T4
5) Danny Stumpf - XRAY T4

6) Sunny Singh
7) Steve P

13.5 1/12 A Main winners:
1) Juwan Hunter
2) Jose Rodriguez
3) Matt Ficanna
4) Phillip Poles - XRAY X12
5) Tony P - XRAY X12

6) Chris Berotti
7) Terrence Williams
8) Jake Burden
9) Daniel Pawling
10) Dillion Little

F1 A Main Winners
1) James Denmark
2) James Defeo
3) Steve Nottingham
4) Matt Fichanna
5) Tom Trez
6) Carlton Coleman - XRAY X1
7) Juwan Hunter
8) Courtney Townend - XRAY X1
9) Mark T - XRAY X1

10) Brett Parker

WGT A Main winners
1) Matt Fichan
2) Deshawn Dash - XRAY X10
3) Carlton Coleman - XRAY X10

4) Quinn Moon
5) Philip Poles - XRAY X10
6) Jake burden
7) Tony P - XRAY X10
8) Dillion Little