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The Slovak Nationals were held in the middle of the Slovakia in Banska Bystrica. Forth of the best drivers from Slovakia and Czech Republic were fighting at title of Slovak Champion in two classes – Modified and Stock. With Slovakia being XRAY home country, it was no wonder that 39 of the 40 cars were XRAY - the most popular and widely-used brand.

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Free practice was scheduled for Friday evening, with qualifiers and finals on Saturday.
This race was attended by 4-time Indoor National Champion, Team XRAY driver Martin Hudy, Juraj Hudy, and Vice-Champion Vaclav Strupek from Czech Republic.

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The first qualifiers started with very low grip, but at the end of the qualifiers the grip was very high. Martin Hudy won all 4 qualifiers rounds and claimed the TQ position. Second place claimed by Vaclav Strupek, and Tomáš Lipták was in third place.

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In the finals, the fight for the Slovak title was between Martin Hudý and Vaclav Strupek. However, always after approximately 2 minutes Vaclav made a mistake and Martin won both finals when he lapped all drivers including Vaclav. The biggest fight was for 4th – 8th places where the drivers showed some nice competition racing.

1. Martin Hudy Xray
2. Vaclav Strupek Xray
3. Tomáš Lipták Xray
4. Igor Lipták Xray
5. Juraj Hudý Xray
6. Michal Rajdús Xray
7. Tomáš Rajdús Xray

8. Oskar Malatinský Tamiya