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Here is the list of parts you need for XB2 conversion between 320001 XRAY XB2 - Dirt Edition and 320002 XRAY XB2 2017 - Carpet Edition:

XB2 Carpet Edition to XB2 Dirt Edition

324900 Gear Differential - Set
323010 Composite Mid Motor Gear Box Set
324010 Alu Mid Motor Plate - Swiss 7075 T6 (3mm)
324225 Composite Gear 25T - Graphite
323080 Graphite Shock Tower Rear 3.5mm
323040 Composite Rear Roll-Center Holder - Carpet Edition
326111 Composite Battery Strap - Carpet Edition
324040 Composite Motor Upper Brace - Carpet Edition
322080 Graphite Shock Tower Front 4.0mm
323512 Lexan Front Wing 0.75mm

323110-H Composite Suspension Arm Rear Lower Right - Hard
323120-H Composite Suspension Arm Rear Lower Left - Hard
321262-H Composite Front Lower Chassis Brace - Hard
322250-H Composite Steering Block - Hard - 2x
322210-H Composite C-Hub Right - Hard
322220-H Composite C-Hub Left - Hard
322040-H Composite Front Roll-Center Holder - Hard
322110-H Composite Suspension Arm Front Lower - Hard - 2x
321160-H Composite Front Upper Deck - Hard


XB2 Dirt Edition to XB2 Carpet Edition

325000 Ball Adjustable Differential - Set - HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢
323011 Composite Mid Motor Gear Box (3 gears) Set
324011 Alu Mid & Rear Motor Plate - Swiss 7075 T6 (3mm)
323081-M Composite Shock Tower Rear - Medium
323042-M Composite Rear Roll-Center Holder - Dirt Edition - Medium
321260-M Composite Chassis Side Guards L+R - Medium - V2 (not the older version)
327320 Rear Arm Pivot Pin (2)
326112-M Composite Battery Strap - Dirt Edition - Medium
324041 Composite Motor Upper Brace - Dirt Edition
322081-M Composite Shock Tower Front - Medium
324050 Composite Gear Cover - Dirt Edition
303141 Alu Shim 3x5x1.0mm (10)