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Race report by Dieter Schmid
Exactly 100 Drivers took part in the third round of the offroad Islikon masters including many Swiss XRAY Drivers. Nico and Florian Schmid, the newest Swiss XRAY team drivers, took part at this event driving their first race with XRAY.

Nico Schmid reached the TQ in the Classes 2WD and 4WD.

In the Finals, Nico won all races in both classes. 4WD with a new Track Record. Florian finished in 3rd place in 2WD. The Cars XB4 and XB2 worked perfectly for all Drivers.

It was a very successful race with the new car for Nico and Florian Schmid.

Many thanks to the Team of the HVBRS for the Organisation of the race.

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Race results 4WD:
1. Nico Schmid - XRAY XB4 ( TQ and new track record )
2. Patrick Vogt - XRAY XB4
3. Adi Riederer - XRAY XB4
4. Robin Frischkopf - XRAY XB4
5. Mario Di Bella - XRAY XB4

6. Manuel Alfieri
7. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB4
8. Martin Weidmann - XRAY XB4

9. Toyin Brunold
10. Kevin Prinz - XRAY XB4

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Race results 2WD:
1. Nico Schmid XRAY XB2 ( TQ )
2. Philipp Huber
3. Florian Schmid XRAY XB2
4. Robin Frischkopf XRAY XB2
5. Adi Riederer XRAY XB2

6. Steffen Hübscher
7. Daniel Caviezel
8. Oliver Krähemann
9. Kevin Prinz XRAY XB2
10. Jan Lüthy