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Race report by Emil Orn Vidisson click to enlarge
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The Icelandic Indoor Championships is a race series consisting of four races which are all held on purpose built tracks. All four rounds count towards the championship and the aim is to find the fastest racers as well as the most consistent.

The last round took place on April 10 in a nice sport shall in a city called Mosfellsbaer which is located close to the capital Reykjavik. The house opened at 9:00 and the carpet was laid and soon a track was born. The type of carpet used was a cheap filt carpet which means that early in the day dirt gets tangled in the cars, grip is low and the track is pretty bumpy! PVC plastic material (drain pipes) and dots were used for marking the layout with the help of weights to support the pipes where necessary.

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Qualifying started at 11:00 and it was soon clear that the Xray would be hard to beat. Running a tight schedule like this (race finishes by 17:00) means there is not much time to experiment with different setups and this was also the one of the reasons I decided to run the T1FK and not the T1FK05 the other reason being that it’s on its way to Iceland! The T1FK has been super stable with the carpet setup from the Xray team. The car feels so planted it’s almost unfair!

By the end of qualifying Xray was on top well clear of the field:

Emil Orn Vidisson XRAY
Andri Orn Vidisson Tamiya
Sigurdur Eliasson Associated

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As the day went the track smoothed out and cars added additive to the fastest line. This meant that everyone improved their lap times considerably. At this point I made a small change in the rear suspension going to one hole in the rear with firmer white springs, just as suggested by the Xray team basic setup sheet – again making the car faster.

A final 1
In the first round of the finals my car shut down when I nipped a barrier on the first lap. I watched patiently for about two laps (felt like more) while a helpful marshal turned it back on. It all went well since I managed to catch the pack and win the race by almost a lap in the end. My Xray was on fire but I managed to spend a weeks worth of mental energy on this one!

A final 2 click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
This round was a little special since Tamiya driver and my younger brother Andri Orn Vidisson decided to switch cars (was later disqualified for that same reason) when he borrowed an T1R. The Raycer was super fast as well and he managed to finish second! Do I have to mention that he is changing to the FK05 :)

A final 3
In the last round and my last race with the trusty T1FK I finished a second short of two laps ahead of the field - a nice way to part with an excellent car!

Final results:

Emil Orn Vidisson XRAY

Sigurdur Eliasson Tamiya
Andri Orn Vidisson Associated

At this point the clock had turned 17:00 and the track was at its best and this is when we had to pack it all down - leaving everyone hungry for the next race!