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The race was held at new Zorri RC dirt track. A completely new layout for all drivers. Our team driver Tasos Paparegas (XRAY) made clear his intensions by winning the 3 of 4 qualification rounds that gave him the overall TQ.

Starting grid:

1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8

2. Papanikolaou
3. Terzis
4. Anapoliotakis
5. Makropoulos
6. Zagorisos
7. Perogiannakis
8. Zervas
9. Katsantonis – XRAY XB8
10. Giannitsas

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The main final was easy job again for Paparegas (XRAY) with very fast and consistent driving. Paparegas (XRAY) won the final a little less than 2 laps ahead of Anapoliotakis that took the second place. Terzis took third place on podium.

Final standings:
1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8
2. Anapoliotakis
3. Terzis
4. Zervas
5. Perogiannakis
6. Papanikolaou
7. Makropoulos
8. Zagorisos
9. Giannitsas
10. Katsantonis – XRAY XB8

This result gives again another Greek national cup title to Paparegas Tasos.

Paparegas John with XRAY XB8 also won the B Final.

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