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Race report by Lorenzo Crolla
This weekend was the 2nd round of the 1/10th French nationals. We go on the dirt, at the Xtream race track.

Saturday morning the track was very dusty so it was difficult to found the grip especially in 2wd, after the practice I was 6th in 2wd and 1st in 4wd.

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Before the qualification I check the ball diff of the 2wd and found the problem, during all the qualifications and final I didn’t change anything on the car, it was perfect. I TQed 3 rounds out of 5 and got first place on the grid for finals. I won all 3 A main finals with a great time and in the last final in 2wd with the best lap time of the week. I’m very happy about the performance of the XB2 Dirt.

In the 4wd, I TQed 3 out of 5 rounds but started 2nd on the grid, couldn't found a good setup for this track, my car was a bit hard to drive and hard to fight for the win and I finished 2nd.

Thanks to my sponsors for the help. XRAY, HUDY, RcConcept, Spektrum, Proline, Maugrafix

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Results 4WD:
1. Armand Lanthaume - XRAY XB4'16
2. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB4'16
3. Nicolas Rodriguez - XRAY XB4'16

4. Alexis Dufau Cazenave
5. Jean-Pierrick Sartel
6. Sylvain Gallo Selva
7. Stefan Bellity
8. Benjamin Porte - XRAY XB4'16
9. Arnaud Mathoanza - XRAY XB4'16

10. Clement Boda
11. Franck Ruiz
12. Mickael Villa - XRAY XB4'16

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Results 2WD:
1. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB2 Dirt
2. Jean-Pierrick Sartel
3. Armand Lanthaume - XRAY XB2 Dirt