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Race report by Mike Gosvig
I came on the race track on Friday around 16.00, the track was wet but was drying, and later came a little rain again. But cars felt good, and the traction was good.

For the race day I had prepared rain tires as the forecast was rain all day. I started the qualifying with the carpet edition, but the track was too wet! I soon changed to my dirt edition XB2, and the next qualy I quickly found myself in the front after few laps in the race. I made small mistakes and had some backmarker trouble, so I got 2 in this round. In the last round I got 3rd after some setup changes, the car still felt to over steering so I changed the diff and in the finals the car was super easy!

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I got 2 in the first final after overtaking Jesper Rasmussen, but Frederik Hovgaard was gone with a 5 seconds lead! It looked like he had the more traction than Jesper and me. In the second final I again made a good run to get the 3rd spot in that round, Frederik won the final and the race. For the last final I made some changes but pushed too much, and I had no more rear tires so that final I finished 4th.

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3rd overall at the first nationals is very good in the wet conditions I think! I had no practice in the wet with the cars, so I’m looking forward to the season!

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2WD overall A-main standings
1. Frederik Hovgaard
2. Jesper Rasmussen
3. Mike Gosvig - XRAY XB2 Dirt Edition
4. Rasmus Callesen
5. Christoffer Henriksen
6. Mads Callesen
7. Niclas Christensen
8. Per Eriksen

4wd was super good in the wet, I just fitted the center gear diff, took off the anti-roll bars and took some flex screws out! My car was then fast and easy to drive.

In first qualy I got off the track but got back in the end to take TQ that round with 3 tenth of a second in front of Frederik Hovgaard. Next round it was super slippery and the car felt not as good as before but I took a second place in that round and Frederik took the TQ here. Same story in the last round, I was out of tires it felt like, so I should start second on the grid!

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In the first final I took it easy not to hit Hovgaard, after some corners Jesper pushed on the inside, and the next corner I did the same, Frederik was now almost 6 seconds ahead, I pushed and drove the car to the limit, made fast and consistent lap times, with 1 minute to go I was behind Hovgaard, and ready to try to pass, but he was closing the door all the time, in the big jump in the middle I tried to go extra long and high, and it almost payed of, but still not enough I was just side by side and Hovgaard had the inside. The time run out and Frederik took the win here with me in second and Jesper in 3rd.

2. final Fredrik’s transmission broke few seconds from the start. So now I knew I need to have this important win! And the track was very wet, so the wet tires and car had good traction! I pushed and got the win over Jesper with 5 seconds and the only driver on 22 laps, the final before Frederik made 21 laps.

Last final track was drying again and the track was slower than before, I had no more tires I could fit on the car, Jesper was hard charging and made fast a pass on me in the start of the race, his car had very good traction this final, sooner he also took the pass on Hovgaard to win this final in front of him and me in 3rd!

All 3 fast drivers on tie points, but I got the win because of the fastest final of the day.

Car was good and I also made the fastest lap of the race!

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4WD vverall Standings A-main:
1. Mike Gosvig - XRAY XB4
2. Jesper Rasmussen
3. Frederik Hovgaard
4. Oliver Nielsen
5. Jesper Gjellerod
6. Niels Ole Klinge - XRAY XB4
7. Hugo Hansen
8. Freddy Nielsen

Thanks to XRAY for the amazing cars and all my sponsors!
Photos by: Isabella KK