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Race report by Kaja Novotny
The second round of popular Czech 1/8 IC buggy series took place at beautiful track in Horni Jeleni. We arrived to the track on Friday for free practice. At the beginning I was struggling to get a good balance between enough steering and rear grip, but eventually we managed to find a good setup.

In qualifications TOP 4 was pretty close with local star Max Gotzl, Jiri Mara, Tomas Kapicka and me fighting for the overall TQ. Even though my XB8 was pretty good I missed few seconds every round to the first place. Overall TQ went to Jiri Mara with Max and me in second and third.

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We made a few more changes on XB8’15 for the semifinal and I managed to take the pole position for the main final. In the final the same TOP 4, as in qualifications, got quickly away from the rest of the field. As we approached 15th minute Jiri and me were away from the rest and fought for the win. Until the 26th minute we crossed the timing loop every time less than 1 second apart from each other, switching positions many times. However then I had to face a small problem, which meant I had to settle down for 2nd place. Max had to retire from the 3rd place in the 22nd minute.

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Overall results were:
1. Jiri Mara (TQ)
2. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB8
3. Tomas Kapicka
4. Jiri Dvorak
5. Karel Hajek
6. Jan Kapicka
7. Martin Pejzl – XRAY XB8
8. Martin Rytir
9. Tomas Fic
10. Vladimir Pour – XRAY XB8
11. Max Götzl – XRAY XB8

12. Petr Klatovsky

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TOP 3 Juniors
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In the end I want to say big thanks to Otto Götzl and his crew for preparing awesome track and whole area – pleasure to be there as always. Thanks a lot to my parents and my sponsors for the support!

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